Sunday, 26 July 2015

The Vicar Clicked On The Link...And Couldn't Believe What He Saw!

Imagine discovering one day that something you had done in your past was now a viral sensation on the internet, making headlines on social media and being covered by news outlets from Washington UK to Washington DC. This was the situation local priest Rev’d Paul Child found himself in recently, as a clip from a couple’s wedding video became an overnight internet smash.
Paul, Assistant Curate in the Monkwearmouth Team Ministry, said, “The first I heard of it was when a couple of congregation members said they’d seen my video online. Then a few people mentioned it at the school gates and said it had been in the local press. When I looked it up on social media I was absolutely amazed, not just to see the footage but also the response it was getting!"
The video, which featured Shaun and Adele Palmer’s wedding at St. Andrew’s Church, Roker, was memorable for the unusual way the couple received their rings. Shaun had secretly arranged for Bilbo the owl to deliver the rings at the appropriate point in the service - with Adele and the rest of the congregation completely unaware of what was going to unfold.
This would have been an unusual situation for many vicars, but for Paul there was an additional reason to be nervous. “It was the very first wedding I had officiated at,” he said. “When I got the message from Shaun to say he’d secretly arranged an owl I was unsure how it would play out, but it was his & Adele’s special day & I wanted it to be as perfect as possible for them.”

Returning to St. Andrew’s to celebrate their first wedding anniversary, Shaun Palmer said, “If Adele & I had to use one word to describe our day it would be incredible!  From the first meeting Paul and the team made us feel so welcome and special it was just amazing.  We couldn't see ourselves getting married in a better church, it’s such a beautiful building, and we were honoured we were the first couple Paul married - quite a landmark day for the 3 of us!  We couldn't have asked for anything more!”

The video has now been viewed over 782,000 times on YouTube and Shaun & Adele have received messages from across the globe commenting on it. But has there been a sudden rush of animal antics at St. Andrew’s?
“Not yet,” said Paul, “But in the Monkwearmouth Parish we try our hardest to help all our wedding couples have an amazing beginning to their married life together. A church wedding offers a unique opportunity to be joined together in the sight of God and to allow Jesus to be the bedrock on which the relationship will be built and sustained. If we can help make it memorable in other ways we’re always willing to try!”
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Shaun & Adele with Rev'd Child on their 1st Wedding Anniversary

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